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No natural teeth left

Losing your natural teeth and having to wear removable dentures is a very traumatic and debilitating experience. Dental implants can be used to help stabilise loose dentures. Depending on the amount of implants placed, removable dentures can clip onto the implants, or fixed bridges can be fitted onto the implants where a larger number are placed.

Fixed Teeth Today

Following improvements to the surfaces of our implants, and utilising experience gained over many years, we can now offer you “FIXED TEETH TODAY”. In most cases, we are able to place a fixed bridge onto the implants immediately after placement. You would therefore arrive at the surgery with loose dentures, and leave with a number of implants placed and a FIXED bridge fitted onto them. This concept reduces the discomfort and healing time following implant placement, and provides immediate satisfaction to our patients. Imagine being able to bite into an apple again for the first time in many years!

A few teeth missing

The most common cause of partial tooth loss is failing crowns or bridges. The natural roots are then too weak to support a bridge, and have to be extracted. We would usually extract the failing roots, place implants directly into their sockets, and place a fixed bridge immediately afterwards.

Just one tooth missing

Single teeth are usually lost due to trauma, or sometimes the teeth simply never formed. Fractured teeth are usually extracted, an implant placed into the socket, and a temporary crown fitted on the same day.

The photos below demonstrate a case where the lateral incisors were congenitally absent, and replaced with two single implant-supported crowns, as well as a case where the tooth was fractured and replaced with an implant-supported crown.

Immediate Implant Placement in a Molar site

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