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Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth to a better position to improve the appearance, function and general health of your mouth.

Various appliances are used to apply gentle forces and these can treat a range of issues including:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Overly spaced teeth
  • Twisted teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Serious malocclusions (upper and lower teeth not biting together properly)


This innovative orthodontic system offers a more discreet way to straighten teeth by using a series of clear, customised aligners. With no fixed brackets or wires, these can be taken out for cleaning your teeth and eating. Each aligner is very slightly different so crooked, crowded or gappy teeth can be gradually moved to an improved position.

Treatment steps

  • Impressions and photos are taken of your teeth and 3D technology creates a personalised plan which shows how your teeth will move and look following treatment.
  • When the unique aligners have been produced in a laboratory, you wear a different one every two weeks until the desired result is achieved.

Treatment times can vary but most cases are usually completed within 6-12 months. However, you do have to be sure to wear the aligners for 22-24 hours per day to benefit from successful and speedy results. You will also need to wear a retainer following treatment to keep your newly aligned teeth straight.

Fixed braces

These consist of metal brackets, attached to the front surface of the teeth, and thin metal wires, held in place with elastics.

At Goossens & Odendaal, we offer Damon Clear and metal braces as our fixed brace options. As Damon braces are self-ligating and don’t require the use of elastic ties, they are much easier to maintain and also offer a faster treatment than conventional fixed braces.

Many people are worried about how fixed braces look, which is why we offer Damon Clear – the most discreet option. Using clear brackets in place of metal ones, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of this revolutionary straightening technology while being able to confidently smile.

What’s involved in the treatment?

  • We first start by taking x-rays and scans to fully assess your teeth and jaw. We’ll then take impressions of your teeth using a mould. These are sent to the lab where they will be used to provide accurate measurements of your teeth.
  • The braces are crafted in the lab. When ready, they are sent back to us. We’ll contact you and arrange for the fitting.
  • Our qualified dentist will then fit the brackets and wires to your teeth. She will provide advice and guidance on how best to look after the braces during the treatment.
  • Damon braces require fewer visits than traditional fixed braces, but we will need to see you at intervals to make adjustments and to check up on how the treatment is progressing.
  • Once your teeth have reached their desired position, we remove the braces and take impressions for a retainer.
  • We have the retainer made for you. You will need to wear the retainer for a period after the treatment to give your teeth the chance to stabilise or they will move back.
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